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Do you ever wish you could get a few more hours of shut eye a night? Have you heard that getting enough sleep might actually improve your brain power, balance your hormones, and help you avoid chronic illnesses? Still, are you aware that the amount of sleep you get might actually impact the health of your mouth?

Are you aware that you should try to get eight hours of sleep at night? This is relatively accurate, but many individuals can actually function with only seven hours of sleep. In fact, you might know that you can get enough sleep by listening to your body.
Sadly, if you fail to get enough sleep, you’ll be even more susceptible to gum disease. In reality, if you only get six hours of shut-eye, you’ll be about as likely to get gum disease as those who smoke. Unfortunately, if you don’t get enough sleep, you could have an inflammatory response, which will make you much more vulnerable to gum disease and problems like heart disease.

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