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Many patients consider the idea of receiving root canal treatment unpleasant, but it’s often a crucial procedure when dealing with certain dental issues such as infection. Dr. Nirmal Aujla is highly experienced in performing successful root canal treatment and making the experience as pleasant as possible. If you are considering seeking root canal treatment, we invite you to consider when and why it may be necessary for your oral health.

How is a root canal performed?
Root canal treatment involves the removal of the top of the affected tooth to access the diseased pulp inside, which must be cleared out before it spreads infection to the surrounding teeth. We then cover the treated tooth with a dental crown to provide protection and restore its appearance and function.

Why is a root canal needed?
Typically, root canal treatment is performed to treat infection in a tooth before it can spread to surrounding teeth and cause the death of a tooth or multiple teeth simultaneously. A tooth that can still be saved may be able to undergo root canal treatment as an alternative to tooth extraction.

If you are experiencing persistent pain in a tooth, this may be a sign of needing root canal treatment. We encourage you to contact Jefferson Dental Health PC at 315-788-7070 today to speak with our team about receiving root canal treatment in Watertown, New York, and to arrange your visit to our office.