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When you are preparing to go to the dentist, do you experience nervousness or some type of anxiety? One thing you can do when you come to the dentist is let nitrous oxide help you relax. Commonly known as “laughing gas,” this treatment allows you to relax while visiting your dentist’s office. Jefferson Dental Health PC wants to give you the best dental care today.

When intaking nitrous oxide, a small mask is placed over your nose. It is applied in a very small dose, mixed with oxygen. Heaviness may occur in your body, but this is the gas helping you relax before your dentist examines your smile. This “laughing gas” allows you to function and be awake during the exam, allowing you to hear your dentist and have control of your body.

A push of oxygen after your dental assessment will get rid of any excess nitrous oxide in your system. Oxygen will be applied until it’s been flushed out and you don’t experience any effects. Although sedation seems intimidating, you can rest assured it’s the bare minimum being used.

Be sure to keep up with your dental care through daily flossing, brushing, and seeing your dentist twice a year. Give Dr. Nirmal Aujla and our dental professionals a call today at 315-788-7070 to set up an appointment or consultation. Our office in Watertown, New York, will be happy to provide the care you need!