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Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breathing patterns are interrupted while you sleep. If you are having struggles or difficulty sleeping at night, it could be because of sleep apnea. With that in mind, it’s important to understand the types of sleep apnea and the risk factors involved.

Two the most common types of sleep apnea are obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is the one that most people are familiar with and it is caused by blockages in your airway. You may snore or even wake up because you’re not getting an adequate supply of oxygen. Central sleep apnea is an issue in which your body does not receive signals from your brain to move your chest muscles. If you think that you may be dealing with sleep apnea, it is important to have it treated as soon as possible, otherwise you could put yourself at risk for a stroke, high blood pressure and other health issues.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, visit our dentist for treatment. If necessary, the dentist can help you adjust your sleeping habits. In other cases, devices such as CPAPs, also known as continuous positive air pressure devices, can be used to help open up your airway. Similarly, oral appliances can be used to move your jaw, so that airflow can continue properly while you sleep. In advanced cases, surgery may be needed.

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