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Are your teeth irritated when you consume certain foods and beverages? If so, this can alter your lifestyle choices and impact your quality of life. Even if you find relief from certain types of toothpaste, the underlying cause can worsen, leading to more noteworthy oral health problems.

Proper tooth sensitivity treatment is about finding its original cause. Here are some potential causes to consider:

– Enamel erosion: Poor oral hygiene and acidic foods and drinks may result in the erosion of your tooth’s outermost hard layer, the enamel. A sign of enamel erosion is tooth sensitivity. This situation can best be reduced by increasing your oral hygiene, decreasing your teeth’s exposure to acid, and eating foods with high levels of calcium, protein and daily dose of fluoride toothpaste and/or tablets. You may also consider a fluoride treatment at Jefferson Dental Health PC.

– Cavities: Tooth sensitivity, especially at a younger age, may well mean that you have tooth decay. Do not delay in scheduling an oral exam with Dr. Nirmal Aujla to diagnose and treat any possible cavities.

– Sinus infection: This may also apply excess pressure on the nerves of the upper teeth, resulting in tooth sensitivity. In some cases, you’ll need your primary physician to prescribe a decongestant.

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