Dental Basics

When it comes to something as important as your smile, you are never too old to review the basics. Here are some things to remember as you evaluate your at-home dental routines. Brush and Floss:  You should be brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day (2×2) and flossing once a day. Brushing… Read more »

Proper Tooth Sensitivity Treatment is about Finding the Cause

Are your teeth irritated when you consume certain foods and beverages? If so, this can alter your lifestyle choices and impact your quality of life. Even if you find relief from certain types of toothpaste, the underlying cause can worsen, leading to more noteworthy oral health problems. Proper tooth sensitivity treatment is about finding its… Read more »

Sleep Apnea 101

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which an individual’s breathing is obstructed while they sleep. While it is very common, it is still quite serious and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. Sleep apnea affects your sleep patterns, of course, but it can also put you at risk for other serious health problems…. Read more »

Detecting Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Early Helps Improve Your Chances of Treatment Success

While oral and pharyngeal cancers are more common in the elderly population, they can still strike at any age. This is even more likely to occur if you have a family history of these cancers, or if you use tobacco products, or frequently consume alcohol. Every dental checkup performed at , includes a screening for… Read more »

The Positive Uses of Nitrous Oxide When Visiting Your Dentist

When you are preparing to go to the dentist, do you experience nervousness or some type of anxiety? One thing you can do when you come to the dentist is let nitrous oxide help you relax. Commonly known as “laughing gas,” this treatment allows you to relax while visiting your dentist’s office. wants to give… Read more »

Dentures 101

Your smile is very important to Dr. and our dental team. This is why we encourage you to replace your missing teeth–so you can have the strong oral health you want, as well as the beautiful smile you desire. Getting dentures is one method of replacing your missing teeth. There are two kinds of dentures:… Read more »

Dental Health Tips for People Who Have Diabetes

If you have diabetes, then it’s important to keep your smile in tip-top shape. This is because you are at high risk of having tooth and gum problems. For those who have poorly controlled blood glucose levels as well as fragile and vulnerable teeth, gum disease and tooth decay is likely to develop. So, please… Read more »

Some of Best Smiles Are Forged by Dental Crowns

Did you know that dental crowns are designed to shield and protect teeth along with improving the look and function of your teeth? With each dental crown, a potentially unworkable tooth can be restored to its proper function.   Some of the best smiles are forged from dental crowns. Consider the following benefits that crowns… Read more »

Dental Trauma Might Cause a Delayed Toothache

Toothache pain, especially if you’re unsure of the source, can be a very serious cause for concern. This is often a sign of a tooth that has suffered some form of internal distress from a dental trauma or untreated cavity. Sometimes a toothache caused by a dental trauma might take a few days to manifest…. Read more »

A Porcelain Crown Might Be Needed During a Cosmetic Dental Restoration

Physical imperfections on one of the teeth in your smile can certainly influence your self-esteem and outward appearance. Sometimes the dentists at ’s , , clinic can address minor chips and mismatched fillings with a set of dental veneers. In the case of a single tooth that has been affected by a chip or a… Read more »