Dental Veneers Mimic Naturally White Tooth Enamel

Significant dental stains or discolored tooth enamel might not be adequately addressed by the whitening products sold at the retail level. At the same time, excess use of these items can potentially harm your teeth and cause significant irritation to your oral tissues. If your teeth are looking a little dim and a whitening treatment… Read more »

Advice for Caring for Your Dentures

Have you recently had dentures constructed for your smile? You can now look forward to having the beauty and functionality of your smile restored. How do I care for dentures, you may ask? We are more than happy to give you tips. Dentures Care One important thing that you can do to care for your… Read more »

When and Why Is a Root Canal Needed?

Many patients consider the idea of receiving root canal treatment unpleasant, but it’s often a crucial procedure when dealing with certain dental issues such as infection. Dr. is highly experienced in performing successful root canal treatment and making the experience as pleasant as possible. If you are considering seeking root canal treatment, we invite you… Read more »

Missing a Tooth? Here Are Three Solutions to Tooth Loss!

If you have lost one or more missing teeth and wish to protect the future of your dental health by receiving tooth replacement soon, we are happy to help! We proudly offer three highly effective methods of tooth replacement to fill empty spaces in your smile according to your specific needs: – Dental bridges quite… Read more »

Do I Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath has many causes, the most logical of which is lack of good oral hygiene. Also called halitosis, it may also be a side effect of medication induced dry mouth, infections of the lungs, sinus or mouth, digestive and gastrointestinal issues, diseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys and pancreas, and of course things like… Read more »

Teach Your Smile About Aging and Dental Health

Keeping your mouth clean is only one aspect of ensuring that your teeth can survive long into your elder years. It is also important that you’re eating healthy foods that will not promote dental damage or potentially lead to cavities, oral accidents, or injuries. Additionally, your lifestyle habits and the choices you make throughout your… Read more »

Did You Know Cavities Can Form in Healthy Teeth?

Many patients assume that cavities only develop in neglected teeth that are never brushed or flossed, but this is not true. Cavities can occur in healthy teeth as a result of trauma, gum recession, or genetics. Healthy teeth can crack, fracture, and break when struck with a strong blow, worn down by tooth grinding, or… Read more »

A Few Notes Pertaining to Mouthwash

Where you aware of the benefits, setbacks, pitfalls, and variances in mouthwash? Although we think of all mouthwash products being the same, they can vary greatly and can accomplish a multitude of tasks in a variety of different manners. Some mouthwash products are designed to brighten teeth, whereas others are designed to help strengthen tooth… Read more »

A Recent Dental Trauma Can Eventually Lead to a Toothache

Toothache pain can be distressing and sometimes mysterious in origin. It can be especially disconcerting if you aren’t away or any existing cavities or dental fractures. At the same time, it’s also worth considering that a recent blow to the face could eventually lead to a toothache. In some of these cases, it can even… Read more »

Dental Basics

When it comes to something as important as your smile, you are never too old to review the basics. Here are some things to remember as you evaluate your at-home dental routines. Brush and Floss:  You should be brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day (2×2) and flossing once a day. Brushing… Read more »