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Many patients assume that cavities only develop in neglected teeth that are never brushed or flossed, but this is not true. Cavities can occur in healthy teeth as a result of trauma, gum recession, or genetics.

Healthy teeth can crack, fracture, and break when struck with a strong blow, worn down by tooth grinding, or used to chew on a hard object. When a tooth is broken or fractured, it provides direct access for plaque and harmful acid to the vulnerable areas of the tooth typically protected by tooth enamel.

Similarly, teeth whose gum tissue has receded due to aggressive brushing or gum disease can have exposed tooth roots that allow bacteria and plaque to invade the teeth. When bacteria reaches the tooth roots, it can create a dental infection that results in a tooth infection.

Some teeth are also naturally prone to tooth decay, despite daily oral care. Patients who have a tendency for cavities need to visit the dentist regularly for dental exams to prevent and treat cavities before they cause extensive damage.

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