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Toothache pain, especially if you’re unsure of the source, can be a very serious cause for concern. This is often a sign of a tooth that has suffered some form of internal distress from a dental trauma or untreated cavity.

Sometimes a toothache caused by a dental trauma might take a few days to manifest. This could mean that the root of the tooth was damaged and the toothache is the result of latent inflammation. Without timely treatment at Dr. Nirmal Aujla’s dental office in Watertown, New York, the problem could escalate to cause even more significant complications.

While you await your appointment, you might be able to ease some of the toothache pain with an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication or a topical oral analgesic.

Treating a traumatized tooth might call for Dr. Nirmal Aujla to perform a root canal. This can help alleviate the pain and start the process of a dental restoration. Once any compromised structures have been excised, Dr. Nirmal Aujla can rebuild the internal structure of the tooth.

Then, he can start the process of restoring the tooth with a standard dental crown. This will fully restore the tooth with the same strength and feel as the original.

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